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Being 30km away from the city of Yazd, the charnming town of Mehriz with an area of 6721km2 has a population of 43252, which 26881 of them occupy in the urban areas and 16371 take residence in the rural areas. It consists of one central district and five villages namedErnan, Bahadoran, Tang-e chenar, kourmiz, and mian kouh. The picturesque town of Mehriz was anoushiravan, and named after her.

Rock Paintings on Mount Ernan

Standing still full of tranquility and serenity, nount Erman depicts and awe-ispiring work of art dating back to the age of stone. Some archeologists believe it depicts the history of the people who thrived on the area in the year 7000 B.C.

In 3 different parts the huge slab of stone reveals the fight different periods of time.

The picture atop the stone features a naked man junting an animal and the picture at the bottom reveals a man riding on hors e back and the other one grazing the cattle with a dog. The last picture depicts the stry of the people who managed to tame the animals.

The khoumiz fortress

Standing sentinel atop a hill overlooking the picturesque village of khourmiz, the adobe fortress was built in which exists a throughfare branching off into different directions putting different sections within access. According to eh book Jame Mofidi, the impressive building was built by orer of " Hormoz" , the son of Anoushiravan.

Within the fortress, there exists a deep square well excavated into a slab sokid black stone with the depth of 15 meters, this this is the well into which seyyed Rokn Al-Din Hosseini was impreisoned. The local people call it "Emam Zaman’s well" and it’s sacred to them.

Compared with other fortresses in the area this formidable fortress n its pristine condition offers panoramic vistas of skyline and charming village, being a premier attraction.

Zein Al-Din Rabat

Resting on Yazd-kerman road, a really well-desined and formidable caravanserai named Zein Al-Din overlooks the road with a splendid view.the impressive brick building with its towering wall featrures 5 soaring splendid towers and a round ground. The number 1.5 and 12 being sacred to Shiite were considered in its design.

According to the historians, by order of Shah Abbas, the king of the Safavid dynasty, Zein Al-din Ganj Ali Khan-e Rig constructed the magnificent building in 10th century A.H now, ithasbeenbonverted into a popular resort center.

The Estehrij traditional bathroom

The charming building full fo old world appeal consists of a spacious bathroom and a tiny one have been joined to each other recently.

The impressive building has been converted into the museum of anthropology, having a mix of historical, cultural and narural of Anrhropology, having a mix of historical , cultural and natural offerings.

The minarets of Mehrpadin mosque

The magnificent Minaret of Mehpadin Jameh mosque is renowned for being single, offering and outstanding scenery. Through the mosque itself ahs been renovated ovr time, the impressive miaret surived the forces of nature intact.

An antuque inscription atop the minaret depicts the neme of its builder, Mahfooz Ibn-mohammad Ibn-Al-Haj…. Al-Din Ali and the date of construction as well.

Akhvan-e tabatabaei mansion

The impressive building with the impressive Qajari-Style charcter is a premier attraction, offering a timeless sense of beauty and the old orld charm. The year 1321 S.H was inscribed on the elegant plater work on its south side.

The 8000m2-mansion has got 2 flanks. After being totally renovated, it’s going to be converted ot the cultural heritage organization of mehriz Branch. The water extending to the mansion from Hassan Abad Qanat puts the fresh water within access.

The gharbal biz spring

Having a mix of natural and historical offerings , the scenic spring recounts its long history in the vicinity of Mehriz. A mortar-like hollow dug by hand and 3 triangle-like towers atop the mountain overlooking the spring are the characters reminiscent of the AnahitaTemple.

The graves out o which a weath of priceless artifacts obraindall are considered to be masterpieces of civilizations.

Pahlavan Pour Garden

Offering a blend of elegant architectuaral character and namtures’s true masterpiece , the lush garden features the character reminiscent of the Qajar era. Some parts of the mansion recounts its 100 year-year-old life time, boasting winter mansion. Tower,clay Martello tower, servant’s quarer, kiosk and a traditional spinning studio.

Qanat puts the fress water within access.

In future, the charming building is going to be converted into a popular resort center.

Pai-e Borj water reservoir in Sar Yazd

Being one of the most picturesque water reservois, the magnificent buinding was constructed in a way that its upper part took the shape of a Martello tower, being reminiscent of the Qajar era together with its nearby bazaar and mosuque.the architectural character nekes the impressive water reservoit a truly majestic work of art.

Kouh-e rig (mountSand)

A beautiful natural setting created by the quichsand on the mountainside commands a spectacular view. The neaby ancient water reservoir and a charming pigeon-tower are the other premier attractions

The sar Yazd fortress

The magnificent fortressin its pristione condition is a masterpicece of art work reminiscent of the sassanids era. The formidable fortress boasts 3-stor towers, the central and major space, a water reservoir and a massive door stll able to close and open.

Many experts belive the impressive building is the phto graphed example of ban citadel, but in smaller scale of course.